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  • 02/27/2022 4:47 PM | Anonymous

    Tulsa Dermatology Clinic 

    Office Manager Job Description--full time position

    Pay is Commensurate with Experience

    Please send resumes to:

    Job Summary 

    Manage the clinic including staff, payroll, accounting, facility maintenance, and maintain compliance with state and federal regulations and laws. Ensure a positive work environment using a team management approach. 

    Managing Clinic Staff

    1. Recruit and select new clinic staff members. 

    2. Prepare paperwork for new employees. 

    3. Conduct orientation for new employees. 

    4. Prepare paperwork for terminating employees. 

    5. Update job descriptions as needed. 

    6. Manage performance of the clinic team each day. 

    7. Evaluate clinic team members at least annually and provide feedback on their job performance. 

    8. Manage disputes and grievances. 

    9. Maintain employee personal files and record of counseling incidents. 

    10. Schedule and conduct in-service training for clinic staff. 

    11. Lead meetings of the clinic staff. 

    Managing Customer Service

    1. Manage patient inquiries and complaints. 

    2. Assist physicians with appropriate dismissal of patients when necessary.

    3. Work with website manager to maintain an up-to-date website that meets the requirements of ADA and HIPAA. 

    4. Maintain relationships with other clinics and professional organizations. 

    5. Manage patient brochures and handouts. 

    Managing Finance and Accounting

    1. Monitor and record expenses. 

    2. Record bank deposit each morning. 

    3. Prepare financial statements to send to accountant for expense reports and provide financial statements to the physicians each month. 

    4. Maintain the office budget. 

    5. Minimize clinic overhead. 

    6. Process accounts receivable and accounts payable. 

    7. Follow up on overdue accounts. 

    8. Perform account reconciliations. 

    9. Manage petty cash. 

    10. Prepare financial reports each month with net production, product sales and patient statistics. 

    11. Prepare quarterly physician salary report. 

    Managing Payroll 

    1. Monitor payroll and report hours worked and overtime to payroll company.

    2. Monitor vacation and sick leave. 

    3. Administer benefits, including working with UPAL to manage profit sharing and retirement accounts by providing hours worked, gross pay and 401K contribution to the date of the payroll period. 

    4. Distribute W-2 to each person on the clinic staff. 

    5. Distribute payroll checks to clinic staff. 

    Managing Secretarial Tasks

    1. Prepare for business meetings. 

    2. Prepare and distribute minutes of business meetings. 

    3. Dispose of paper medical records using a HIPAA compliant shredding company.

    4. Manage business insurance requirements and liability needs for the business.

    5. Maintain software skills using Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Adobe Professional.

    6. Manage cosmetic product inventory and place orders when they are needed.

    7. Pay sales taxes. 

    8. Coordinate visits from pharmaceutical organizations. 

    9. Order paperwork supplies for the office and review levels for any needed changes.

    10. Manage work email accounts. 

    11. Ensure LLC certificate remains up to date. 

    12. Organize and create product reports and cosmetic injectable reports. 

    Managing General Office Topics

    1. Maintain and keep office equipment and furniture in satisfactory working condition.

    2. Ensure repairs are made and upgrades are implemented on office equipment.

    3. Manage the business relationship with cleaning company. 

    4. Manage alarm company and respond to alarms as they occur. 

    5. Manage lawn care company as well a general upkeep of building including Air Conditioning, plumbing, fencing, cable, phones, lawn scaping, parking lot, maintenance and safety precautions that are needed during inclement weather.

    6. Maintain maintenance agreements and contracts. 

    7. Ensure utility bills are paid. 

    8. Ensure office supplies are ordered and maintained. 

    9. Evaluate prices and delivery options of vendors for the clinic. 

    10. Troubleshoot computer and information systems problems. 

    11. Coordinate with Information Technology specialists to resolve problems. 

    Managing Billing and Claims Processing 

    1. Oversee the work in the billing department. 

    2. Ensure timely billing of patient accounts for each billing cycle. 

    3. Review accounts receivables each month. 

    4. Make needed telephone calls and send collection letters as needed.

    5. Update staff on regulations and changes to regulations. Keep abreast of rules and regulations. Keep staff and physicians informed of significant changes in CPT, ICD-10, Medicare, and state laws.

    6. Attend Administration and Manager CME courses annually, specifically in dermatology when possible.

  • 02/01/2022 4:33 PM | Anonymous

    We are looking for a strong RN to lead our nursing team. We have a staff of MAs, LPNs and RNs for our busy OB/GYN clinic. This person supervises all nursing staff, manages the daily schedule, and serves on the management/Leadership team for the practice. The nurse manager collaborates with our nurse leads to keep our clinical workflow running smoothly.

    If you or someone you know is interested, please send resumes to

    Click here to view full job description


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